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We are a FREE online self-qualification experience. We provide 1st time buyers a process where they can determine their mortgage readiness prior to contacting an agent or lender.Saving time, money and stess!

Quite simply, because 1st time buyers are mishandled by the current system. The process does not favor them and we built our company to help 1st time buyers get what they deserve.

Very accurate. Keep in mind, we are not approving you for a mortgage, we are educating you on the process and identifying and resolving issues prior to you speaking with a lender. It’s proven to save you lots of money and time.

No. Lenders do not analyze your information until after you have a contract – by then it’s too late for issues to be resolved. You end up paying higher rates and payments and the amount you can borrow decreases. Instead, we examine your information BEFORE contacting a lender or agent and we put you in the best shape to get approved. Keep in mind, a lenders Pre-Approval letter is not worth much. Read the fine print and you’ll see why many 1 st timers are denied days before a loan is to close.

Simple answer is yes you can. However, the better question is should you? Buying a home is a team effort. Unfortunately, lenders and agents often play the blaming game when things go sideways. We’ve seen a lot of deals fall through due to this conflict.

Instead, we put together a roster of agents and loan officers who are held accountable. This means we can intervene on your behalf to keep everyone in line. If you use your own agent, this becomes your responsibility and it is a difficult one.

Agents and lenders love our clients because they are qualified and motivated to buy. So in order to work with you, they must work very well together – like a team. Plus, if needed, our agents and lenders will often provide you with cash rebates and credits to help offset the money needed for closing costs.

In most cases, you will be able to complete your self-qualification without speaking to anyone. However, there may be some situations in which you’ll need to chat with your dedicated Advisor. This can be done via email, text or phone.

Remember, you’re buying a home so you will want some personalized guidance for a smooth and fun experience.

No. You likely will see improvements to your credit profile through our strategies, but we do not impact your score negatively.

Awesome! Typically the process speeds up a lot when you reach out and speak with your Advisor. We are available via email, text or by phone.

No. But when you are ready to purchase, we will introduce to you awesome agents and lenders who will work hard to get you into a home.

Yes. Get Mortgage Ready does not charge for its services. If you need outside help, such as improving your credit, we will recommend you to an affiliate that may charge you.