Moving Day

There are hundreds of moving day checklists available on the internet so find one you like and go with it. Moving day is stressful, especially when you are closing on your home the same day.Take a few deep breaths and let’s get through this.

By now, your boxes have been packed and hopefully properly labeled. Nothing like looking through 50 boxes looking for the one pair of shoes you need. A little planning goes a long way.

There should be no surprises at your new home because hopefully you did your final walkthrough earlier in the day or yesterday. As your belongings arrive at your home, place them in the correct rooms (so again, label the boxes correctly). Unless you are moving all the items yourself, your main job is to supervise those who are doing the moving. Make sure nothing gets broken or left in the truck.

If you have dogs or cats, keep a sharp eye on them. A door left open for 1 second and you’re looking for fluffy for the next 4 hours. Animals go under a lot of stress during moves as well, so try and keep to a normal routine as possible. Locking them in a bathroom might be a smart idea.

Remember, the home is now yours. You don’t have to rush through and try and unpack in 2 hours. Take your time- you just took a monumental step in buying a home, enjoy every second of it. Get the beds setup first and the fragile stuff last. What you do in between is your business.

Within days, you will be settling in to your new home. A few weeks from now and it’s time to have friends over for a party. Congratulations! All of the previous months of worrying has final paid off. You are a home owner! Start making memories!


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