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“We wanted our own home. Get Mortgage Ready was with us every step of the way.
Shortly after moving in, I married my girlfriend…in ol our own backyard!


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Our Story


Every month that we wrote our rent check, we
felt like we were throwing money away. It was
time for us to take the next step.


“The Right Choice”

For months, my girlfriend and I were thinking about
buying a home. We lived in an apartment for many years and were tired of that life. To save money we moved in with my parents. Many nights were spent online looking at homes. However we had no idea if we could afford one or be approved for a mortgage.

I heard about Get Mortgage Ready and how they
helped other 1 st time buyers, so we contacted them.Instantly, we knew it was the right choice. David was our Advisor and he didn’t try and sell us anything. He asked how much we could comfortably pay each month for a mortgage and made sure we did not overspend. He found several items that we needed to address before moving forward and his team helped us solve each one.From the first conversation to the day they told us we were ready to get pre-approved was about 30 devel



David scheduled a call between us and the loan officer.We took a mortgage application and heard the followingday we were approved. That was an amazing feeling.Part of the process is learning what questions to ask the loan officer and tips on how to save money on closing costs. It worked!

David also assigned us an Agent who created an online portal where we could begin viewing homes online.Once we received the pre-approval letter, we began shopping. She was awesome. She took us out shopping many times and we made several offers. The night she called to say we won was beyond incredible.My girlfriend and I were so happy. We had friends who were agents but we were really happy that we went with an Agent recommended by Get Mortgage Ready. It is a stressful process and it’s good for us that we were not working with friends but experts who specialize in working with 1 st time buyers.


We’re Home Owners

It’s hard to explain the exact feeling when we were
handed the keys to our own home. One of the first
things we did was have friends over for a bar-b- q.
We talked about all the memoires we will make in
our home and the first one was getting married…in
our backyard.

We couldn’t imagine going through this process on
our own. Many of our friends said for them buying
a home was a nightmare. They had issues up to
the day of closing. For us, it was nothing like that.
We have told many of our friends that contacting
Get Mortgage Ready was the best decision we
made. The team over there holds your hand the
entire time. They had a rule! We could not worry
about anything unless they told us it was time to
worry. They said let them do the worrying and let
us enjoy the process of finding that perfect home!


What’ others are saying about us:

“3-months ago we didn’t think we could purchase a home and here I am, writing this thank you note from my very own living room. Thank you so much for being there throughout this process”.Brian & Rebecca

“I was purchasing a home by myself and wanted to make sure I knew all I could during the process. David was constantly updating me and the agent and loan officer that you put me in front of were both wonderful. You guys rock!” Stephanie

“A friend told me to call Get Mortgage Ready and happy that we did. You guys gave us hope and put us on a plan to get back in the market. Exactly 39 days later, we made an offer on a home and moved in shortly after that. My family thanks you”. David & Jo

“You are officially invited to our 1st bar-b- q in our new home!!! If it wasn’t for Michael,I think we would still be in an apartment! I’ve told everyone I know who is looking topurchase a home to call you guys”. Kevin

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